Summer is here and that means the return of that casual no fuss look that summer hair is famous for!

As one of the best salons in Redondo Beach, Salon Lucid knows that clients crave casual, easy to style hair that doesn’t take a lot of time to create! What could be easier than letting your hair air dry into those soft textured, be achy waves?

Well, my beautiful summer loving friends, Salon Lucid’s stylists can teach you how to have those waves with no curling iron or blow-dry required! Watch the video below to learn how to Air Dry your hair into beach waves in four easy steps!

Step by Step Guide:


Start with clean wet hair


Use dime size amount of Redken’s No Blow Dry cream for each section. Rub in hands to coat palms


Take appropriately two inch squares of hair. Using your coated hands, twist sections going away from face. Make sure each twisted section has a light amount of No Blow Dry Cream all the way to the ends!


Continue twisting sections throughout head. Then simply let air dry!

After hair dries, shake out for a soft tousled beachy wave!