They’re everywhere. On the red carpet. In the top fashion magazines. On actresses and rock stars. On brides.

On prom princesses and punk princesses alike. Rarely has a hair trend taken off with the intensity and passion that we’ve seen this season with braids.

One of the best features of this braiding craze is how easily a chic, fashion-forward look can come together.

It can be as simple as taking a small section at each temple, braiding, then pinning into the back of the hairstyle.

With the vast number of braiding techniques out there, the possibilities are endless.

As the best Salon in the South Bay, guests look to us for great ideas of how to do these simple techniques at Home

Our own Maria Brown is the go-to braiding expert.

Having created braided styles since I was a little girl, I have to say that I love seeing braids everywhere! It’s so much more than a hairstyle – it’s art,” says Maria. 

In order to keep her inspiration fresh and her skills constantly improving, she looks to leaders in our industry for development and inspiration. Helping to insure that we stay the Best Salon in Redondo Beach!

Whether you want to look even more glamorous for a night out, or you’re attending a special occasion like a wedding,

Maria has the talent and skill to make your hair into an “Oh my goodness, I LOVE your hair” moment.

(And doesn’t that just always put a little extra swish in your swagger?)