Ombré, the beautifully casual, grown-out highlight effect, has been all the  rage in recent years. Everyone from supermodels and celebrities to your workmates and next-door neighbor has worn and loved the laid-back, lower-maintenance aspect as much as the fashion-forward feel of ombré.

But as with all trends, when one starts winding down, our guests start asking: what’s coming up next? It seems no one’s ready to head back into the high-maintenance world of traditional blonde highlighting. (Who wants to be a slave to roots, anyway?) And yet, a change is in the air… And the Stylists at Salon Lucid have the answer!

Ladies, the answer is BabyLights.

Babylights is a new technique that the stylists at Salon Lucid have developed to ‘light’ the interior of the hair, bringing luminosity and emphasis to the eyes and cheekbones. “By adding tiny, fine highlights strategically placed troughout the hair, it can blend out an old Ombre without creating higher maintainence!”, Says Brenda Agredano, Salon Lucid’s Haircolor expert! As the best salon in Redondo Beach, it also allows us to create the updated look our guests are asking for!

Think of it this way:

One of the best ways to show off a work of art is by lighting it from naturally from all sides. Babylights uses this same concept by adding light via carefully-determined selected shades to areas between the top curve of the head and the hollow of the cheek. By staggering both shades and placement, our wonderful color artists create a gorgeous, eye-catching glow. It’s all the benefits of low maintenance with the true brightness of a bigger color change! So, if you are ready for something new, your hair color experts in Redondo Beach at Salon Lucid are ready to Rock your new Babylights!