How do I make my hair look as good as my stylist makes it look?

Short answer? Product and styling.

Longer answer: Go to beauty school and spend countless hours toiling away under the watchful eye of various instructors, make tons of mistakes, wonder repeatedly why you were born, keep working at it anyway, and then…one day…you can make any head of hair look amazing! But, chances are you’re all set, career-wise, and have other things to do with your time anyway, right?

So let’s talk about that short answer.

Product is the number-one Thing That Matters when it comes to making your hair look, as the ads say, like you just stepped out of a salon. Ask your stylist to jot down the names of the products they use on your hair. Because here’s the thing: they’re making you look amazing with those products. And even they, geniuses that they are, can’t make you look that way without those products. Stick with the same products and you’re halfway to replicating the look! This is one case in which choosing generic over name brand will not actually help you. Oh, and if cost is at all an issue, ask your stylist which product you absolutely should not be without, and just grab that one.

As Tammy Izbicki, one of the best hairstylists in the South Bay and owner of Salon Lucid in Redondo Beach, always says, “If you want it to look how I make it look, you have to use what I use and do what I do.”

The other half is simply making sure you understand how to style your ‘do. Ask your stylist to walk you through each step. Don’t be afraid to write the steps down, either. Often a little thing can make a big difference, so be sure you understand exactly what needs to be done to achieve the look you want.

Bottom line? Your ‘do is so totally doable…so go on, do it!