How can I get my hair to not be so flat?
How can I make my hair look thick?
How come you make my hair look so much fuller and thicker than I do?

These are questions that we here at Salon Lucid hear every day from our guests. Because we are one of the best salons in Redondo Beach, California, our clients look to our great stylists for answers. It’s my guess that if you’re reading this article, my fine-haired beauty, you might be looking for answers too.

In which case, you’ll love what comes next. Because Salon Lucid is about to take you to fluffy-hair heaven with this no-fail guide to getting so much fullness, country music stars from the 1970’s will be jealous!

Before we start, can I have a moment to set up a couple of Tammy Truths™ for you? Yes? Okay.

My friend: you weren’t born with full hair, and that kind of sucks.

It sucks that your brother or uncle or some other relative who didn’t really deserve it got “thick, nice hair” and you didn’t. You deserve to have had it. This was totally unfair, and: 

Your hair can absolutely look thicker and fuller than it looks now.

It’s true! That’s great news, amirite?

Now, obviously, this isn’t an instant fix. In order to get your hair to look fuller and thicker and better than it does now, you’ll need to put in some work, a bit of time, and a product or two. It’s a transaction. Work, time, and products will help you get the hair you wish you’d been born with. So don’t let this continue to be a frustration point. Neither of us wants that for you! Just follow these five steps.

You need to use volumizing or thickening shampoo (and perhaps the tiniest drop of volume-specific conditioner on the ends). We recommend Redken High Rise Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioneror Pureology Fullfyl Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.

Using some kind of root lift product is an absolute must! It guarantees the vital volume at the scalp, where our flat-haired ladies struggle the most. Spray the product on wet hair at the roots all over the head and massage it in. We recommend Redken Guts or (my personal fav) Pureology Root Lift.

Next, spray or apply a volumizing cream or mousse to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. We recommend Pureology Fullfyl Densifying Spray or Redken Dense FX. Comb product through to ensure even distribution.

Dry your hair by lifting it up with your fingers or turning your head upside down, and hitting it with the blow dryer until it’s 90% dry.

Once the hair is almost completely dry, it’s time for the round brush. Starting from the bottom and working your way to the top, divide your hair into as many 2-to-3 inch sections as possible*. Direct the air from the dryer onto the section from the top not underneath. Slowly move the brush directly out from the head (not down) while following it with the hairdryer.

When the section is completely dry, push the “cold air button” on your hairdryer. The cold air contracts the cuticle and locks the fullness in place. No cold air button on your dryer? Just slowly count to ten before releasing the section off of the round brush. Repeat the same actions on the next section up and all around the head!

Dry your hair by lifting it up with your fingers or turning your head upside down, and hitting it with the blow dryer until it’s 90% dry.

Well, look at what you’ve done! 

Your hair looks great, right?

And since we want it to keep it looking as full as possible for as long as possible, we need to lock that volume in while making sure there’s no helmet-like business happening. For that, I always use Redken Quick Tease at the base of my volume blow-drys. The stuff is magic. It’s a little extra bit of oomph at the roots—no teasing required!

After that, give it a light spritz of soft-hold hairspray (we recommend Redken Quick Dry or Pureology Strengthening Control) and that’s it.

And there you are, strutting out into the world, feeling like the thick-haired goddess you deserve to be!

For expert advice, the best hairstylists for fine hair in Redondo Beach, and all of the products mentioned above, give us a call at Salon Lucid: 424-247-7051.